110 KM – The Franco-Suisse Run

110 KM
4070 m +AG
2 departments, 2 regions, 2 countries
Starting from Les Rousses (39)
on 30th September 2023 - 5am
Présentation de la course

UTMJ’s little sister, it takes the end of the course of the latter with 110 km of race and 4070 m of positive altitute gain. You will have the possibility to discover this massif on a slightly less challenging course, why not a good training session before embarking on a 100 miles. You will still have the pleasure of crossing 2 countries, two departments and a few peaks in one day. A magnificent challenge for those who do not necessarily want to spend two nights outside.

Starting from Les Rousses on Saturday 30th September 2023 at 5am.

Time limit : 32 hours

ITRA points : 4