Environmental Charter

Environment as a priority

In addition to the undeniable sporting interest of the “Ultra Trail des Montagnes du Jura”, its appeal is based on the beauty and variety of the Jura landscapes and the natural environments you go through.

The Jura fauna and flora contribute to the forests value, meadow-woods, dry lawns and other natural environments you will find out all along the trail. Some species that enrich these environments, such as the Lynx, the Capercaillie or the Peregrine falcon are particularly sensitive to disturbance. All users of these places must act in such a way as to minimize the impact of their visit.

It is true that when we think about a pedestrian mode of travel, running seems to have little influence on our environment, but the disturbance of the fauna, soil erosion or the trampling of flora can become a real problem if we do not scrupulously respect some simple rules. We ask you to fall within this process which will allow you to discover our beautiful Jura mountains while preserving it.

The preservation of environments and species is essential. Being aware of this is fundamental. It is one of the « Parc Naturel Régional du Haut Jura » and « Parc Jura Vaudois »’s mission.

Thus, by registrering UTMJ, the organizers kindly request you to involve respecting our environment
Do not leave any track of your coming and please participate in the sorting of waste.
  • Use your UTMJ waste bag, which will be offered to you when you pick up your bib, so as not throw anything on the ground.
  • Respect the garbage sorting planned into the supply zone. Use your reusable cup during supplies.
Reduce, as much as possible, the risks of species disturbance :
  • Strictly respect the Trail course without leaving or cutting the marked paths, you will thus limit the risks of flora trampling and fauna disturbance as well as the erosion of the ground.
  • Respect the silence of the place.
    Respect the deer, which is in the middle of the breeding season (deer slab) ; be careful !
  • Limit any reconnaissance of the course as much as possible. It will give you all the more pleasant surprises the day of the race.
  • Be eco-responsible by using the shuttle buses set up by the organizer to get to the start of the race.
Inform your companions or relatives of the measures to be observed for the preservation of the environment :
  • Inform your companions or relatives who would attend the run, of the environments sensitivity and the importance of respecting it as well as its species.
  • Ask them to take out their waste, to keep their dog on a leash, to stay on the marked paths and to close the fence gates. Ask them also not to light fires, to stay on roads open to public trafic only to go to the various supply areas.
Participate in global efforts to preserve the environment :
  • Give priority to public transport and/or carpooling for your travels.
  • Maintain this environmental ethic after the run for all your subsequent outings.
  • The sustainability of this new event in our beautiful Jura mountains, will depend on your efforts to respect the environment in which you will perform throughout this adventure.

We are counting on you.